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What people are saying about Secrets of a Hiring Manager Turned Career Coach Book

“When I began working with Lisa, I needed to really strengthen my resume and make my experience stand out. I wasn’t sure where to start. Lisa’s approach was easy to follow and her process not only taught me how to update my resume, it also taught me how to evaluate my background and skills against every job description so I would be prepared for any question a hiring manager might ask during job interviews. These are incredibly valuable skills that I have been able to use during my job search.”

– Kristin M.

“During interviews, I’m not always effective at communicating stories that demonstrate what I’ve achieved throughout my career. I often get nervous and forget what to say. Lisa knew exactly what I needed to do in order to get over nerves and showcase my skills – create a portfolio of work examples in a 3-ring binder to bring to job interviews. I can now easily flip to one of my examples and use it to explain the situation, what I did, and the results I achieved. With Lisa’s guidance, I’m now much more confident going into interviews.”

– Tricia B.

“After many years working in political consulting and fundraising, I decided I wanted to change careers. The problem? I wasn’t sure how or if my background would translate into the new career I wanted. Using Lisa’s approach of analyzing job postings against my skills and experience, I was able to update my resume to showcase the attributes and accomplishments that were most applicable. The result? I landed a great job in the industry I wanted!”

– Sarah R.

“After almost 20 years in the retail industry, I needed a career change. Lisa’s step-by-step process for switching industries gave me confidence in my ability to move into another career. She helped me realize the importance of taking the time to step back and strategically look at my options, opportunities, and direction and then she helped me prioritize my actions. Lisa also suggested different strategies for uncovering my next career move that I would have never considered, like job shadowing. It isn’t just for kids – it works well for anyone trying to decide on several different types of jobs. I’m now happily working in a new career that I love.”

– Kristi H.

“Previously my career choices haven’t always been good decisions. I have often accepted positions based on the job being the first thing that comes along or on compensation. These decisions have proven not to be a good fit for me. Lisa’s job search process helped me realize that I needed to look at the interview process from a different angle – that they are an opportunity for me to uncover whether the job, the manager, and the company are actually a good fit for me. Lisa also taught me the right questions to ask during the interviews to obtain the information I needed to make better job decisions. An additional bonus to this process is now I’m more confident and comfortable in job interview situations because I’m prepared. ”

– Kim F.

“Lisa’s techniques for job seekers really work, especially her methods to professionally close an interview from the candidate’s perspective. Before, I used to leave interviews wondering how I’d done or if I’d hear back. Then Lisa taught me a questioning process so I could leave interviews knowing what the hiring manager thought about my fit for the position, the next steps in the hiring process, and when he or she would be making their hiring decision. The best part? I followed Lisa’s process and received a job offer after my very next interview. Truly amazing!”

– Amanda S.

“I spent 15 years working for one company, then the economy crashed and the entire department was let go due to downsizing. While it would normally be terrifying to look for a job after all those years of steady employment, Lisa’s thoughtful job seeking techniques made the process easy and as stress free as possible. My confidence grew as I completed each of Lisa’s recommended steps and then began receiving requests for job interviews. Throughout my career, I’ve used several coaches and Lisa Quast is the best I’ve ever met. Her unique background and experience gives her an edge over other career coaches. Lisa knows what it takes for a woman to make it to the executive level at a Fortune 500 company in male-dominated industries (because she’s done it herself), she’s a successful entrepreneur, and she’s been a business consultant, organizational trainer, and executive coach for companies all over the world. I trust her techniques because I’ve used them – and they all work! ”

– Linda J.


Raves about Your Career, Your Way! Book


“Written by businesswoman Lisa Quast, Your Career, Your Way: Personal Strategies to Achieve Your Career Aspirations is a guide for working women to empower themselves on the job and nurture their dream careers. Chapters describe how to assess one’s strengths, weaknesses, assets, and liabilities; chart a strategic plan and keep track of one’s progress; stay focused; and reward oneself for achievements. Numerous sample and reproducible charts lay out an easy-to-follow framework for keeping track of goals, and accomplishing long-term goals through shorter-term initiatives. Although written expressly for career women, Your Career, Your Way is packed with cover-to-cover advice applicable to both genders. ‘Do not be afraid to make lateral career moves. In order to gain the necessary experience to be good at higher-level positions, you must be willing to learn all aspects of business and you must learn how to motivate and manage personnel. This means you need to take the initiative to set goals and seek positions that will provide you with the opportunity to broaden your experience and increase your skills, especially in the areas of business operations and running P&Ls (running departments with responsibility for profit and loss).  Highly recommended.'”

— Midwest Book Review

From Seattle Picks eNewsletter, June 8, 2007: “We love our job, but sometimes even the most aspiring professional gets stuck in a career rut. That’s why we turned to the business book section for some guidance. We found local author Lisa Quast’s book, Your Career, Your Way: Personal Strategies to Achieve Your Career Aspirations, which provides more than just advice for breaking out of your rut, it offers a plan. Moreover, it offers ‘homework’ to ensure you’ll really create and execute your plan. We hope to reap the benefits for a lifetime.”

— Seattle Picks, www.seattlepicks.com

From Curled Up With A Good Book: “The message is everywhere – in order to be successful you must have goals.  Well, that may be true, but most people have very little understanding of how to develop, manage, and maintain these goals.  Good news – help has arrived!  Your Career, Your Way! takes this overwhelming task and breaks it down into a step-by-step process.  The book is a brilliant tool to guide women toward taking control of their career, understanding where they want to go, and what they need to do to get there.”

— Curled Up With A Good Book

Organizational Training Testimonials


Boeing Management Association, Renton, WA: “Lisa presented a concise guide to strategic career planning to members of our management association. Lisa’s approach to strategic career planning provided us with direct tools that are very accessible and useable in helping us mentor and coach our employees in their career development plans. I found in my 30 years of manufacturing/engineering industry experience that if you want to ensure your personal and corporate success you must retain your highest quality business and technical leaders. One of the best ways to do this is to take an active and personal interest in their lives. Lisa’s experience, book, and website information provides proven, practical tools that can strengthen leadership’s ability to challenge employees to take charge of their lives with confidence in ways that add value to themselves, their stakeholders and their communities. Her work is important and I really like what she does to promote people!”

— G. Martin Weisman 
Engineering Manager, Boeing

Women’s Business Exchange (WBE): “We were honored to have Lisa as our guest speaker at our monthly Women’s Business Exchange breakfast. Her presentation was informative, insightful and powerfully presented. Many of our members approached me afterwards to express their appreciation for the opportunity to learn more about how they can direct their own futures and increase their business and career success. Lisa is an expert in her field and a polished presenter with the capability to captivate and hold her audience. We really enjoyed her and wouldn’t hesitate to have her back again in the future.”

— Victoria Likes
President, The Women’s Business Exchange

National Association of Women in Construction, Puget Sound Chapter (NAWIC): “Our group was so motivated by Lisa’s presentation that we hope to incorporate parts of her book into our mentorship program.  It’s so important for women to hear that they need to put themselves first!  Lisa’s book is a great tool for women in any stage of their career!”

— Nicole Martin
NAWIC Puget Sound Chapter President


Career Coaching Testimonials


fosterUniversity of Washington, Foster School of Business: “Lisa was my mentor during the first year of my MBA program. She has had a very illustrious career and I was very fortunate to get an opportunity to learn from her. She is articulate, helpful, enthusiastic, prepared and a very successful woman, a very rare combination in my opinion. And she is willing to pass it on. She even accepted my offer to come to the Foster School of Business to speak to us about a career in the field of strategy – what it means, and how to get there. It was a very useful session for everyone who attended it, and I hope I can continue to learn from her. ”

— Tarang Shah 
U of W, Foster School of Business, MBA Student

Microsoft: “Lisa is a great career coach, even for males! Lisa’s subject matter expertise comes through immediately, and she has a great facility for taking a hodgepodge of personal and professional needs from a client and converting those into a complete, detailed plan of action that can actually be followed.  I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who doesn’t know what they want from their professional life, or does know what they want but doesn’t know how to get it.  She will get you straightened out and on the path to change and success. ”

— John Rittenhouse 
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Seattle Times NW Jobs Career Makeover: “I had the privilege of working with Lisa after I won a career makeover contest from the Seattle Times.  Lisa went above and beyond what I had expected!  Lisa is very personable and relatable.  She has provided me with many great interview techniques.  Lisa took a lot of time to tailor the sessions to meet my needs.  She also provided many first hand experiences.  I would definitely recommend Lisa’s career coaching to anyone who needs help with their interview skills, refining their resume, networking, or anyone who is not happy with where their career is going.  I also highly recommend Lisa’s book, Your Career, Your Way!  This book helps you analyze yourself and your career.  It was very easy to read!”

— Amanda Baydoun Saab 
Clinical Social Worker

Career Coaching via Telephone: “I was given a 30-minute gift call with Lisa Quast and was just amazed how comfortable I felt and how she could quickly tap into a solid path to a solution for my fairly pointed and direct questions.  She was open, honest, really heard what you had to say and assisted in setting tangible goals for future steps.  For anyone looking to make a real change and are committed to the work ahead, you can be confident Lisa will be a magnificent coach and supporter.”

— Kymberely Suddarth


Global Corporate Executive Testimonials


Philips logoPhilips Healthcare: “I was extremely fortunate to have worked with and seen Lisa’s career grow over the past 9 years.  She is driven and a true Executive role model.  Lisa has an innate ability to see opportunities and bring them to realization. Over the course of 9 years, Lisa has stepped up the maturity level of our Global Marketing activities. And quite frankly, has left a legacy for many to build upon. Her leadership skills, intuition, business acumen, and organizational skills are ‘top shelf’ and have added tremendous value to our ever growing business.  Thanks Lisa! ”

— Eric Black 
Senior Director, Philips Healthcare Project Management Office

Philips logoPhilips Healthcare: “Lisa was VP Service Marketing when I joined her team of around 40 geographically dispersed people in 2004.  I soon witnessed Lisa’s incredibly adept skills at managing and motivating high-performing teams, leading effective meetings, and developing people.  During Lisa’s 14 years at Philips she not only earned tremendous professional respect, but men and women from all levels in the organization got to know her as a trusted friend.  Lisa is a remarkable woman, whose power lies mainly in her unparalleled integrity and sincere interest in helping others succeed. ”

— Paul Szilassy 
Senior Manager, Marketing, Philips Healthcare

Philips logoPhilips Healthcare: “Lisa is a master at project management and leadership of complex situations.  I’ve seen her take control of chaotic, independent projects and turn them into well running, cohesive programs that return results.  Besides Lisa’s incomparable skills as a leader she is also extremely personable and puts in a tremendous amount of effort to help others as a mentor and adviser.  Lisa is very goal oriented and her passion for achieving results translates to others easily. ”

— Davi Gels 
Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Philips Healthcare

Philips logoPhilips Healthcare: “I worked with Lisa Quast while she was the EVP of Strategy Planning for Philips Healthcare. When Lisa took over this role she was tasked with creating a new, company-wide strategic planning process, including strategy implementation, tracking, and management. Strategic planning is often difficult and complex for large, global corporations. However, Lisa created a simplified process that everyone could easily understand, she created the tools to support the process, and then she personally trained all the key managers in the company.  Lisa is a true believer that employees throughout a company need to understand the company’s strategic direction to ensure everyone is working toward the same goals. She also understood the need to put a human element into strategy by involving the entire Philips executive team in communicating the strategy internally and externally. I worked with Lisa on the strategy communication, specifically the video productions, multi-media presentations, executive team town hall presentations and external analyst presentations. I appreciated working with Lisa because she knows when to bring in experts like myself, and then gives them the space to be creative and innovative.  Lisa earned well-deserved respect throughout the company because of her knowledge of strategic planning, her skills in creating processes that work well, her ability to lead projects, and her talent for working with every personality type imaginable. If a company is in need of help in the areas of strategic planning or marketing, then Lisa is the person they should contact.”

— Paul Kellogg
Multi-Media Manager, Philips Healthcare

Consulting Testimonials


United States Investigation Services (USIS): “I have known Lisa Quast for the past 10+ years, first when she was the Vice President of Service Marketing and then as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Strategy Planning, both for Philips Healthcare. As a strategist and marketing leader, Lisa’s skills are incomparable. She has the innate ability to understand the issues of today and how to translate them into the products and services of tomorrow.

As the CEO of USIS, I hired Lisa as a Marketing Consultant where she was instrumental in the creation of our new marketing department. In addition, we utilized Lisa’s skills in talent development to work with many of our high potential females, teaching them how to create a strategic plan to develop their careers and attain their personal goals. I highly recommend Lisa as a consultant in the areas of marketing, strategic planning, and talent development.”

— William Mixon, MBA, MSHA
President, Universal Hospital Services


United States Investigation Services (USIS): “Great results, expert, creative.  It was very hard to list just three attributes.  Lisa has them all and more.  When Lisa first started guiding us through our work to brand the company, she had to start at ground zero.  The company had never done this before…and more importantly, neither had the executives.  She had to not only lead us through the process of creating a differentiated brand, but she had to teach the leadership why this might be important.  Thanks to Lisa, my partner throughout the multi-year process, we moved from a frighteningly Neanderthal world to being a company with a well thought out, multi-dimensional brand that was making a mark in the industries we served.  Thanks, Lisa!  She is the best.”

— Michael John
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communication and Media Relations, USIS/Altegrity


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