Your Career, Your Way! Book


Finally, a career development book written by a woman, for women! Your Career, Your Way is a guide for all women who are done trusting their job satisfaction and career advancement to luck or fate. This career advice book, by Career Woman Inc’s Lisa Quast, empowers working women, those who’ve taken a break from work and those transitioning from one type of work to another, to take proactive steps in turning their “jobs” into satisfying careers.

You can experience the professional growth you desire and turn your dreams into your dream career. Lisa’s strategies offer easy-to-follow steps toward realizing your career aspirations. Your Career, Your Way is “a must read for women looking to advance their careers.”

Success requires a plan, and this book offers a roadmap that guides you in creating a personal strategic plan for moving forward in your career of choice – with step-by-step instructions. Experience the process by following two fictional characters (Cheryl and Mackenzie) as they complete the exercises and create their one-page strategic plans.

SPECIAL UPDATES – Winner of 5 book awards!





Ways to use the book:

  • As a step-by-step guide to create and implement your very own career development plan
  • Give as a gift to the women in your life or as a gift for high school and college graduates
  • As a guide for coaching and mentoring others. Have the “coachee” or “mentee” read the book then complete the exercises one at a time. Use the exercises and topics in the book for discussion
  • As the foundation for Women’s Mentoring Programs for companies/corporations and associations
  • As a book club choice – participants read the book and discuss the exercises while they complete their career strategic plans
  • Apply the techniques to other aspirations in life, such as weight loss and exercise


Your Career, Your Way is also available in Korean!

Lisa Quast’s popular career planning book has been translated into Korean and is available online at Kyobo.







As a service for those who have purchased the book “Your Career, Your Way”, the worksheet templates included in the book have been made available for electronic download. Click here to access the templates.