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Titles available:


Wing to Wing: A Mentoring Guide [5.6mb PDF]
This Career Savvy report provides information and resources on how to get
started as a mentor or mentee, and includes the following topics:

What Is Mentoring?
Benefits of Mentoring
Differences Between a Coach and a Mentor
Who can be a Mentor?
Who can be a Mentee?
Types of Mentoring
Why Do Women Have Difficulty Finding Female Mentors?
Topics of Discussion for Mentoring
Tips for Mentors
Tips for Mentees
Additional Mentoring Resources



7 Ways for Women to Advance Their Careers, $2.99

Teaches how to: Define your career aspirations; conduct a personal SWOT analysis; continuously improve yourself; learn from others by finding mentors; manage up; learn the rules of the “game”; and believe in yourself while courageously taking on new challenges. Includes the following five templates: Aspiration Development Template; Goal Definition Template; SWOT Analysis Template; Mentoring Information Template; and, Project Update Template.



10 Key Attributes of a Successful Career Woman, $2.99

Teaches the following 10 key attributes: Exuding passion for work, compassion for people; listening to understand, not reply; proactively seeking solutions to problems; being open to new ideas and opinions; encouraging and exemplifying collaborative leadership; maintaining professionalism; seeking feedback and constructive criticism; holding yourself accountable and being self-disciplined; focusing on a healthy balance between work and personal life; and putting yourself first while serving as your own public relations agent. Includes the following five templates: Personal Assessment Template; Future Job Assessment Template; Rational Decision-Making Model Template; Constructive Criticism Template; and, Time Tracker Template.



Falling into the Résumé Abyss? Steps for Securing a First Job Interview, $2.99

Teaches how to: Determine the kind of job you want; prepare your résumé; prepare your list of references; obtain letters of recommendation; research the job requirements; analyze the job requirements against your own skills and abilities; research the company and industry; find and obtain help from “sponsors” and “internal coaches”; write customized cover letters; and, submit your information and keep your job search organized. Includes the following twelve templates: Personal Assessment Template; Future Job Assessment Template; Résumé Example #1; Résumé Example #2; Reference List Example; Recommendation Letter Example #1; Recommendation Letter Example #2; Recommendation Letter Example #3; Job Requirements Analysis Template; Company Research Information Template; Customized Cover Letter Example; and, Job Search Tracking Template.



Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Butt: Acing an Interview, $2.99

Teaches how to: Prepare potential interview questions and answers; interact during the interview; close the interview; conduct practice interviews; dress for positive impact; ensure you have all documents ready for the interview; prepare for arrival at the interview; follow-up after the interview; analyze the interview and overall situation; and, use what you’ve learned to prepare for the next interview. Includes the following seven templates: Interview Preparation Questions; Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager; Questions to Close the Interview; Practice Interview Scoring Sheet Template; Interview Attire Template; Interview Preparation Checklist; and, Interview Follow-Up Notes Template.



What They Don’t Teach You in Business School: How to Run Successful Meetings and Conduct Effective Conference Calls, $2.99

Teaches how to: Define the key aspects of a meeting; find and reserve the meeting location, media, and catering; track the budget and actual expenses incurred; determine the attendees and agenda; create and send the meeting invitation and track responses; prepare the meeting content and pre-type the meeting minutes; manage the meeting stakeholders, assign meeting roles and responsibilities, and complete the final preparations and checks; open and facilitate the meeting; close the meeting, conduct the meeting evaluation, finish and send out meeting minutes; and conduct the meeting evaluation discussion with manager. Includes the following six templates: Definition of the Meeting Template; Meeting Expenses Template; Attendee List Template; Agenda Example; Meeting Evaluation Template; and, Meeting Preparation Check List.



Executive Coaching: A Framework for HR Professionals to Maximize Results, $2.99

Executive coaching has grown tremendously over the last twenty years as a training method for management development.  While anecdotal information supports the contention that executive coaching is beneficial, empirical research has been slower to corroborate its business impact. This Career Savvy report examines the current state of executive coaching through a review of the available literature, analyzes the implications of the research, and contributes to the existing training literature by recommending a framework for human resource professionals to follow when adding executive coaching to their repertoire of management development techniques.  In addition, the Career Savvy report discusses the implications for future research, recommending studies on the impact of different coaching styles on outcomes and studies on the linkage between executive coach knowledge, skills, and attitudes to outcomes. Such research could help determine a more definitive list of required qualifications for executive coaches, provide additional specificity for training programs and credentialing requirements, and lend legitimacy to the executive coaching profession.



Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassment Now!, $2.99

The author conducts an in-depth review on the topic of workplace sexual harassment, including:  (1) What sexual harassment is, (2) Related legal rulings, (3) Employer liability, (4) Ethical viewpoints, (5) Causes, (6) Consequences, and (7) Recommendations for employers to prevent sexual harassment. This Career Savvy report demonstrates how workplace sexual harassment affects victims, workgroups, businesses, and society.  The author uncovers the costs of failing to prevent or eliminate workplace sexual harassment and reaches the conclusion that companies are in the best position to greatly reduce, if not eliminate, workplace sexual harassment. Although this requires companies to make an investment in time, personnel resources, and budget, the benefits of doing so can far outweigh the cost for a company to litigate a claim.  The author demonstrates how actively managing risk due to sexual harassment in the workplace is not just the right thing to do ethically and legally, it is the smart thing to do from a business perspective based on potential costs versus benefits.