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Kelley Moore

Lifestyle Expert

Q: Please provide a brief snapshot of your background.

Kelley: I began my career as a social worker, working with child protective services. My job required me to inspire people to become motivated to change their, often unpleasant, situation. I also recognized the importance of relationships and community – a passion that led me to volunteer with other non-profits to execute events. I really enjoyed staging events, and as a result, I built an event business called Red Letter Day, where I created well-designed events and entertaining opportunities to connect people and build relationships.

Q: What is a ‘lifestyle expert?’

Kelley: For me, a lifestyle expert connects the dots between how you live your life, how you design your home, how you entertain, how you give a gift, how you exist in your universe, and how you bring your own passion and style to all of this. Whether entertaining or designing a space or coming up with a unique gift, a lifestyle expert helps to connect people in a stronger way.

Q: You’re regularly featured in Seattle Magazine, on King 5, and have a book called Cube Chic. How did you find and secure such high profile opportunities?

Kelley: My goal is to inspire a large group of people to look at their life in a different way. The only way to do this is via a national platform. By creating a strong local platform using a variety of mediums, including print, in front of the camera or in person speaking to a live group, I will achieve this goal. I may only reach 20 people, but that’s 20 more than the day before and 20 closer to my goal.

Q: What are the three key words that define you?

Kelley: Focused, passionate, authentic

Q: What is the most important advice you’d give other women who would love to pursue their passion?

Kelley: Find a way to incorporate it into your daily life, whether volunteering for an hour a day or researching it every night. You have to be passionate to succeed.

Q: Please share your number one tip for bringing a bit of summer inside.

Kelley: I am a fan of transitioning through the seasons at home like you would with your wardrobe. You have a classic black suit that in the spring you lighten up with colorful accessories. At home, do the same, change the color of pillows, glassware, and other decorative items. It even works on a budget. I also recommend that you make your transitions personal; tie in family history, something you value, or a memento of who you are.

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