Feature Story

Darcy Camden

Stylist and Founder of Styled.Seattle

Darcy Camden created Styled.Seattle in 2006. Previously a style editor and fashion correspondent for local magazines and talk shows, her style advice has been featured on The Style Network online, and in many other publications and media outlets. She expanded her stylist team in 2010, and now provides styling services to over 500 clients in the Seattle area. Having styled celebrities and notable personalities for local and national TV shows, movies and photo shoots, Darcy has been dubbed “Seattle’s Stacy London.” In addition to her business, Darcy is currently the co-host of a new reality makeover show called “180 Life and Style Makeovers,” premiering nationally this year.

Q: You’re young, stylish and incredibly successful! Share a few of your secrets for each with our readers.

Darcy Camden: Wow! Thank you for the “incredibly successful” (and the “young”)! I never intended to become a professional stylist, and this is not the career field I went to college for. But I believe that, if you follow your intuition and always play to your strengths, the perfect career can sometimes fall in your path. I know myself, and over time I’ve learned what strengthens me vs. what weakens me. I always try to play to my strengths to keep myself energized, so that I can be the best version of myself, in my work and in my personal life.

Q: Many women find it difficult to summon the courage to draw on (a little or a lot of) experience and the love of doing something to create a new career or business. What would you tell them?

Darcy Camden: I advise anyone who aspires to build a lasting career to focus on long-term goals. It’s easy to get excited (especially if you’re passionate about your skill), but it will always take awhile to forge a path, gain experience, and build a client base. Success doesn’t happen overnight, it’s the culmination of a lot of hard work and trial and error. BUT! The more experience you have, the more valuable your business is. In my case, I didn’t just decide one day that I was going to become a stylist and “poof!” it happened. I paid my dues and spent time cultivating a signature process. I did research and identified a hole in the market, and I started small. I worked out of my home for two years, moved to an office, hired help, and—5 years later!—my business just started to gain respect and thrive on its own. And I hope my business is around for many, many years, because I took the time to build a strong foundation.

Q: You are stylishly dressed from morning to night. Why do you feel style is important personally and professionally? And what tips can you offer women on how to make their wardrobe a little more polished?

Darcy Camden: Again, thank you! I could talk for hours on the importance of style. I believe that, when you feel confident, you are your best self. We all put on clothes everyday; thus, everyday we have a choice to put on something drab or something fabulous. For me, it’s an easy decision: fabulous wins, every time! Style isn’t a luxury and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. To me, great style is the ability for to find what you like, what flatters you and what makes you happy. Everyone can have style!

Q: At Career Woman, Inc. we value the importance of mentorship in career development. Describe your most important mentor and how they helped you achieve success.

Darcy Camden: Is it bad that I don’t have a single mentor? I’ve learned so much from several key individuals over the years, especially my college professors and former employers. The biggest lesson I’ve received is “Learn to listen.” Every mistake I’ve ever made has been the result of me not listening, either to others or my own inner voice. I always learn the lessons/answers when I listen (instead of talk!) and process a situation fully. Now that I’m in a position to have people look to me as a mentor, I try to pass that lesson along!