Taking Time Out To Have Children? Don’t Forget To Plan Ahead To Return To Your Career

July 1, 2015

iStock_000019321593_Medium_150Having children can be an exciting time in life, especially if you’re planning on taking a few years out of your career to raise them. But, don’t forget to plan ahead for your return to your career, using as much energy as when you planned ahead for having children. Read the rest of this entry »

Are You Sabotaging Your Chances For A Job Or Promotion?

June 17, 2015

iStock_000049488598_Medium_150Are you sabotaging your chances of obtaining a promotion or a new job? I’ve seen this happen to a lot of people, and here’s the catch – many don’t even realize they’re sabotaging themselves. Find out if you’re holding yourself back and how you can break free of internal negative thoughts.

“I never seem to be the person chosen for a promotion,” my client told me. “I don’t know why I even bother to apply for other positions, since I know they’ll just give it to someone else and tell me I’m not qualified.” Read the rest of this entry »

With A Difficult Coworker – Face Conflict, Don’t Avoid It

June 10, 2015

Angry woman makes face behind person over whiteDealing with difficult coworkers is never fun, especially when it comes to handling a negative coworker who is bringing down morale. When this happens, don’t shy away from the conflict – face it head on.

Reader’s Question: I have an unpleasant coworker who makes snarky comments every day. She’s getting on everyone’s nerves and has turned our previously great department into an unfriendly environment. What should I do to make her stop? Read the rest of this entry »

Being ‘In Tune’ With Those Around You Isn’t Just For Musicians

May 27, 2015

Cellist and violinist playing at the concertI was standing in line for coffee at Starbucks one day when a client walked in, gave me a hug and said, “Wow, that was so strange. I was driving here and thinking about problems at work. All of a sudden I was at the freeway exit and realized I couldn’t remember the last ten minutes I had been driving here.” We got our coffees and sat down but, during the coaching session, my client’s mind seemed to be stuck on work and she had a tough time focusing on our conversation. Read the rest of this entry »

Crying At Work – Why Women Should Avoid It

May 20, 2015

Young Asian businesswoman crying  a lot  isolated on white backgroundReader’s Question: I admit that I’m an emotional person and cry easily. What female doesn’t? But based on feedback from a few coworkers, I’m apparently seen as being “too emotional in the workplace” and now I’m worried that my emotions and crying at the office will keep me from getting the higher-level jobs that I want. How do I know if I’m showing too many emotions at work? Read the rest of this entry »

He Holds Loud Meetings In His Cubicle – How Can I Make Him Stop?

May 13, 2015

iStock_000059847428Medium_150Reader’s Question: What’s a good way to deal with rude or insensitive people in the workplace? I work in an office environment where almost everyone is in a cubicle. My new “neighbor” seems to think it’s okay to hold conference calls in his cubicle. He’ll squish five to six people into his cubicle and then put his telephone on speaker with lots of other people on the call. He does this several times a day and the noise level is so loud that I can’t concentrate to get my work done. Technically, he works for a different department and different boss than me, so how can I get him to stop being so rude to everyone in the office? Read the rest of this entry »

7 Steps To Obtain A Promotion

May 6, 2015

iStock_000028989916Medium_150Reader’s Question: How can I position myself now, for a promotion in 18 to 24 months?

Lisa’s Answer: First of all, congratulations on thinking ahead and allowing yourself enough time to create a game plan to get you from where you are today, to where you’d like to be in the future! Read the rest of this entry »