5 Tips To Get Coworkers To Do What You Want

February 3, 2016

iStock_000022282160Medium_150It’s a fact of the working world: Getting others to complete the tasks you want and need done is rarely easy. Whether you’re a manager delegating activities, trying to convince peers to achieve a goal for the greater good of the team or a fresh-out-of-school professional managing up, the complications are the same. Key details get lost in translation, competing priorities get in the way and teams are often working against tight deadlines and limited resources.

So how do you convince coworkers to do what you want and ensure you’re on the same page about completing the task at-hand? Follow this advice. Read the rest of this entry »

Job Seekers: What To Do If You Don’t Have The Necessary Job Experience

January 20, 2016

iStock_000064214269_Medium_150“How do I apply for a job even though I don’t have all of the right experience?” I hear this question frequently from coaching clients of all backgrounds and with varying levels of experience.

Whether I’m working with a just graduated college student, someone who wants a promotion or to change careers entirely, or a stay-at-home mom or dad who is returning to work after taking years off to raise kids, there are three simple solutions to this problem. Read the rest of this entry »

Stay Cool And Calm When Dealing With Ill-Mannered Colleagues

January 13, 2016

iStock_000014105727Medium_150Have you ever been on the receiving end of an angry outburst that left you speechless? It could have been a friend, classmate or the driver behind you with road rage, but it’s inevitable that at some point, this person will be a colleague.

There’s no easy or pleasant way to deal with someone’s bad attitude – especially in a professional environment. But instead of being caught off-guard or reacting negatively when a coworker or boss throws a tantrum your way, heed the following advice and be prepared for handling a workplace bully. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Be Happy In A Job You Hate – When Quitting Isn’t An Option

January 6, 2016

iStock_000043101284_Medium_150Do you hit snooze over and over Monday through Friday? Do you dread walking into the office each day? Are you counting down the minutes to 5 o’clock after lunch time?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, it sounds like you hate your job. And for many of my coaching clients who aren’t happy in the jobs they have, these feelings are amplified now more so than ever due to our culture’s growing focus on “finding your passion.” Read the rest of this entry »

Beyond LinkedIn – Using Social Media For Your Job Search

December 30, 2015

iStock_000064660017_Medium_150It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a powerful job search tool. It can help you expand your network, gain job prospects, grab the attention of recruiters and more. There are many other ways to leverage social media to give your job hunt a boost, though. Try these tips during your job search in 2016, to get a leg up on the competition. Read the rest of this entry »

Even Santa Doesn’t Love His Job Every Day

December 16, 2015

High angle view of Santa Claus working on computerIt was mid December and Santa was exhausted. He had spent the majority of the year working on a large, global project. While the project’s end goal was inspiring – to increase the happiness factor of children around the world by 50 percent – not everything had gone smoothly. Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s A Morning Routine To Catapult Your Career

December 9, 2015

iStock_000015453567_Medium_150Weekday mornings are tough, especially in the busy month of December. You’re tired, there’s a lot going on in preparing meals, getting dressed, feeding pets and more. Furthermore, maybe you’re heading to a job you hate, making you even more resistant to getting up in the a.m.

With all of this being said, reclaiming your mornings is one of the easiest ways to achieve and exceed your career goals. Even just 20 minutes to do one or a few of the activities below can make a big impact as you’re striving for professional success. Read the rest of this entry »

Introverts: Here’s How You Can Succeed In Job Interviews

December 2, 2015

iStock_000050681258_Medium_150In my years as a career coach, I’ve found that introverted clients often have a tougher time nailing interviews. Job seeking is nerve-wracking for everyone, but the ongoing interaction and need to be always be “on” can be especially draining for introverted personalities.

The assumption that hiring managers are always looking for outgoing star employees who dazzle them with their personalities can translate into nervousness and self-doubt for job candidates who aren’t innately extroverted. But hiring managers aren’t always seeking this employee. Sometimes they need an outgoing go-getter, other times it’s an introspective thinker.

Introverts, to shine in your next interview, try these tips. Read the rest of this entry »