Starting up your start up with incubators and accelerators

July 20, 2011

In this week’s blog, learn more on the subject of how to start a new business venture from guest blogger James Kim who explores the topic of incubators and accelerators.

You hear entrepreneurs discussing business incubators or accelerators as means to aid startup businesses with administrative, financial, technical, legal, and structural dilemmas all the time. But what exactly are these resources and are they helping females, in particular? Read the rest of this entry »

So you want to be an entrepreneur? Here are creative ways to fund your new venture

July 13, 2011

According to the latest survey conducted every five years by the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2007 women owned 7.8 million businesses in the United States and accounted for 28.7 percent of all businesses nationwide. These businesses employed 7.6 million workers and generated over $1.2 trillion in receipts (2010, p. 1). While the number of women owned businesses is on the rise, it can sometimes be tricky figuring out how to fund a new venture. Read the rest of this entry »

Special Blog in Honor of National Small Business Week – Find out How the IRS can Help Your Small Business

May 21, 2011

Did you know there are an estimated 27.2 million small businesses in America and that more than half of all Americans either own or work for a small business? Small businesses also create 60-80% of new jobs in the United States and “drive innovation, create 21st century jobs and increase U.S. competitiveness” (U.S. Small Business Administration). In order to recognize the contributions of small businesses to the economic well-being of America, the President of the United States has proclaimed National Small Business Week every year since 1963. Read the rest of this entry »

Negotiating to Win – Tips for Improving Your Negotiating Skills

March 24, 2010

j0316768In today’s business world, being a good negotiator can make a big difference in your career.

Not only can it help you in your career, such as earning more money (by negotiating a raise), earning a higher title (by negotiating a promotion), or obtaining budget money (to take on a prominent project), but it can also help you in your personal life…such as agreeing on bedtimes with the kids or what show to watch on the television with your husband. How good of a negotiator are you?? Read the rest of this entry »

Marrying for Love or Money

March 12, 2008

j0438796According to a blog by Robert Frank on Yahoo! Finance, “In an infamous personal ad posted on Craigslist this summer, a twenty-something New Yorker who described herself as ‘spectacularly beautiful’ wrote that she was looking for a man who made at least $500,000 a year.

As you can imagine, the ad inspired a great deal of response, including one by an investment banker, who replied that since his money would grow over time but her beauty would fade, the offer didn’t make good business sense.  She was, he said, a ‘depreciating asset.’”  In the quest to live “happily ever after”, would you marry for love or money?  Read the rest of this entry »

Asking for a Raise. They don’t just fall from trees, you know

November 14, 2007

j0341908I get asked by a lot of women “what’s the best way to go about asking for a raise?”, so I thought I’d address this topic in today’s blog.

It’s been my experience that individuals who politely and professionally discuss their salaries when they feel there is a discrepancy are far more likely to get a raise or higher future pay increases than those who say nothing and hope things will improve on their own over time. Read the rest of this entry »

Finance…EEK! Now there’s a scary topic for Halloween

October 31, 2007

j0433118Since today is Halloween in the United States, I thought I’d bring up a scary topic for many women – financial experience.

Women often tell me they don’t actively seek out general management, operations or line management positions at work (the key positions to help you move up the career ladder in most medium and large sized companies!) because they feel like they don’t have enough financial experience.  Read the rest of this entry »

I’d Like You to Meet the Wealthy Barber. Here’s my short, succinct advice on finances

October 17, 2007

wealthy-barberI came across an article the other day called The Best Financial Advice Ever and it reminded me of my very favorite book on financial advice that I’d like to share with you.  The best book I’ve ever read with simple advice on money, investing, and insurance is a paperback I’ve had for years called, “The Wealthy Barber: Everyone’s Commonsense Guide to Becoming Financially Independent“, by David Chilton. Read the rest of this entry »