Job Seekers: How To Gracefully Quit Your Job

April 16, 2014

iStock_000022114280Medium_150x150You just accepted a new job. Congratulations! Way to go! You’re so excited, you feel as if you could fly. Then it hits you… now you have to quit your current job. Ugh.

Don’t worry, just follow these steps to exit your current job in a manner that is professional and will leave your reputation intact: Read the rest of this entry »

Job Seekers: Don’t Forget To Prepare Questions For The Employer

March 12, 2014

Business team hiding their faces behind question mark signs at officeThe job interview I was conducting had been going well. The candidate, “Eric” (name changed), was intelligent, articulate, experienced, and met the majority of the job requirements. Near the end of the interview I paused. “Now that I’ve spent the last 45 minutes asking you questions, do you have any questions for me?” I asked.

The candidate stared at me with a look of sheer terror on his face. He looked down at his feet and then over at the clock on the conference room wall. I could see that he was frantically trying to come up with a question as he squirmed in his chair. Finally, he mumbled, “Um, no, not really.” An awkward silence followed. Read the rest of this entry »

Job Seekers: Treat Telephone Interviews Like In-Person Interviews

March 5, 2014

iStock_000016732914Medium_150x150Some of the worst interviews I’ve experienced as a hiring manager were telephone interviews. I once had a job seeker “Daniel” (name changed) take my telephone interview while he was driving in his car.

I could hear everything, from the traffic noise to ambulance sirens to Daniel stopping at a service station and filling his car with gas. The candidate could have simply sat inside his parked car for the telephone interview. Instead, he wrongly assumed I wouldn’t notice that he took the call while he was driving. Read the rest of this entry »

Job Seekers: Watch Hiring Managers’ Nonverbal Cues For Important Clues

November 20, 2013

MP900430926_150x150A friend of mine recently had a job interview. When I asked what the interviewer thought of him, he didn’t know. He’d been so nervous he had forgotten to pay attention to the hiring manager’s nonverbal communication.

That happens a lot. Most people are so worried about how they come across in an interview that they forget to watch the body language of the interviewer. But being able to read nonverbal cues can increase your chances of interview success. Read the rest of this entry »

New Managers: Avoid Asking These Interview Questions

October 23, 2013

MP900400019_150x150As a new manager you are now responsible for hiring everyone in your department. While you may have gone through many interviews on the other side of the desk (as the job candidate), interviewing others is a process that should not be undertaken lightly nor conducted without adequate training on the do’s and don’ts of interviewing – or you could legally compromise yourself and create undue legal risk for your company. Here’s what I mean… Read the rest of this entry »

To Get Noticed At Work, Be Your Own PR Agent

September 25, 2013

WomanPresenting_150x150Being successful in your career means you aren’t afraid to ‘toot your own horn’ as the old saying goes. For many people, self-promotion falls outside their comfort zone. But there are ways to boost your career and visibility without coming across as conceited. Shameless self-promotion is about knowing what you want and then being your own best advocate.

Try these tips to act as your own PR agent and get yourself noticed (in a good way): Read the rest of this entry »

Creating A Personal Brand

July 12, 2013

“Think of yourself as a product…” has been an important mindset for achieving my own career success and advice I share often with my career coaching clients.

As any product manager will tell you, a significant part of developing a product is branding, which can often determine its success or failure. With the increased use of social media, many assume creating a personal brand is easy – just set up a Twitter account and start writing a blog! Unfortunately that’s a common misconception, and an approach that can do more harm than good to your personal brand. Read the rest of this entry »

Career Boot Camp: 5 Steps To Become A Better Presenter

March 27, 2013

Last up in this month’s “Career Boot Camp” blog series (read my previous entries here, here, and here) are my tips on becoming a better presenter, essential if you want to be seen as a good leader, build your workplace credibility, or catch the attention of upper management. Here are five steps to help you utilize every presentation as an opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities and leadership attributes: Read the rest of this entry »