Don’t Take Casual Fridays Too Casually

May 28, 2014

iStock_000010650382Small_150x150Late spring is when many companies loosen their work attire requirements, especially for Casual Fridays. Just (please) don’t come to work wearing bike pants and a tank top.

“Casual Friday” can mean different things to different companies, but no matter what the company, it doesn’t mean you should show up at the office in your gym clothes. While wearing stretchy leggings with a jog bra underneath a T-shirt or bike pants and a tank top might be comfortable, it will never allow you to project a leadership image. Read the rest of this entry »

8 Tips To Dress For Interview Success

January 29, 2014

interview-attire-women_150x150Struggling to decide on an outfit for your upcoming job interview? What you wear to an interview creates an image or perception of the type of person you are, so choosing your attire is critical to presenting yourself as the right candidate to hire. (Advice as seen on New Day NW television show)
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Fall and Winter Trends for the Office

November 8, 2013

FallWinter_Trends_150What you wear to the office is one of the most important parts of creating a positive professional image. In addition to projecting that you’re competent for your job, your clothing should also reflect your personality – your clothes don’t have to be boring to be considered professional! If you’re searching for a couple pieces to spruce up your look, check out these ideas on wearing fall and winter trends in the office. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Tips To Create A Positive First Impression

September 11, 2013

MP900406569_150x150“I think I blew it with the new vice president,” moaned my coaching client. “I was drowning in paperwork when she walked through our department introducing herself. I was so distracted I could hardly get my own name out of my mouth. On top of that, I was wearing jeans while the VP and just about everyone else in my department was wearing a suit that day. I can only imagine the awful first impression I made.”

Did you know it takes only three to five seconds for someone to form a first impression? And while you might wish that opinion were based on your intelligence or experience, most studies show that first impressions are shaped by what can be seen or heard in those initial few seconds. What impression are you creating? Read the rest of this entry »

Why All Business Women Should Have a Professional Portrait of Themselves

February 3, 2010









I was once coaching a woman who was having a difficult time at work because she felt like upper management just wasn’t taking her seriously (don’t worry, that’s NOT her in the example pictures above).

She hadn’t been promoted in the last five years and was feeling incredibly frustrated. We evaluated every aspect of her career and began making changes, including updating her hairstyle and make-up, improving her wardrobe, and improving her public speaking and presentation skills.

One day during a coaching session I asked her to show me the picture she was using on her internal company directory. That’s when we realized something was very, very wrong!

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Can Your Appearance Actually Hold You Back From Promotions?

December 2, 2009

ladderClimbing the career ladder is not just about what you know and who you know…it’s also about your appearance.  I once worked with someone at the beginning of my career who was incredibly bright, had several college degrees, excellent work experience, and was highly professional.  But, she never seemed able to get promoted.  Puzzled, I had a discussion with our manager.  Read the rest of this entry »

Think the Company Picnic is Just for Fun? Think Again Because How You Act Could Help or Hinder Your Career

August 13, 2008

42-15641400Many people don’t think twice about how they should act at company-sponsored events, such as a summer picnic.  But according to an article by Janet H. Cho, “anything that starts with ‘company’ first – ‘company picnic,’ ‘company barbecue,’ ‘company baseball game’ – means this is a business event” and workplace rules apply. Read the rest of this entry »