What The Hiring Manager Is Really Thinking (About You) During That Job Interview

September 20, 2017

You finished your job interview and sighed in relief as you walked out of the office building. You felt like it went well, but had a difficult time trying to read the face of the hiring manager during the discussion.

You tried paying attention to the interviewers’ nonverbal cues for important clues as to what she thought of you. But you couldn’t seem to get a read on the hiring manager, based on her nonverbal communication. She would be a great poker player, you thought to yourself.

Even though you came to the interview prepared, you’re feeling like there was more that the hiring manager was thinking about you than just the questions she was asking.

Sound familiar? You’re right. Sure, hiring managers are listening to your answers, but they’re also going beyond the questions and answers to try to figure out if you’ll be the best person for the job.

Most likely, the hiring manager will be secretly evaluating your IQ, EQ, CQ and AQ. Let’s break those down. Read the rest of this entry »