Career Coaching

All the best athletes use coaches. Isn’t it about time you hired a coach to help you achieve your career aspirations or to coach high and top potentials within your company? Whether you need an executive coach to grow talent within your organization or are an individual looking to hire a career coach, Lisa Quast can help. Career Coaching services include: Executive Coaching, Career Development Coaching, Situational Coaching, Job-Seeker Coaching, and Image Coaching.


Executive Coaching

Two attractive businesswomen in business suits on white backgroundYou are a Human Resources manager, business owner, division leader, or department manager who seeks to enhance the skills of high and top potentials through Executive Coaching. Or, you are a successful manager and have your sights set on a Director, Sr. Director, or VP position. Work with Lisa to obtain the Executive Coaching you need to secure the position. Through a detailed analysis and coaching proposal (to ensure goal alignment), Lisa creates a strategic roadmap to measurable success for each client.

Executive Coaching is paid for by the employer (company) and is customized based on each company and client’s (coachee’s) needs. Most engagements include: Lisa meeting with HR, Lisa meeting with coachee’s manager, initial in-person meeting with coachee, creation of a personal development plan, establishment of specific and measurable goals, telephone coaching sessions, skill development and behavior changes, image modification, coaching summaries after every session, unlimited email support, and a signed copy of Lisa’s book (Your Career, Your Way!). Additional options are available, such as: Job shadowing of the coachee, in person or telephone interviews with colleagues/direct reports, and extra coaching sessions. NOTE: All client company information is kept strictly confidential. Integrity is everything in Executive Coaching, and Lisa Quast upholds the highest possible confidentiality standards at all times. She will sign a non-disclosure agreement for anyone who requires such.



Career Development Coaching

You’re ready to move up the proverbial career ladder – and need help finding the best strategy.  Lisa knows firsthand what it’s like to be in your position, having gone from entry-level positions to executive level positions at multi-billion dollar global corporations.  Lisa will work with you to gain an expert perspective on your situation and then help you develop a strategic career plan for getting where you want to go.  Lisa’s Career Development Coaching is customized based on your needs and typically requires a 12-hour engagement, which may be broken into six two-hour sessions (one in person session per month, if local) or 12 one-hour sessions (two per month via telephone), to be completed within a six month time period.

Career Development Coaching is paid for by the individual coachee or employer for $200/hour, or, a 12-hour package may be purchased for $2,200 (a savings of $200) – package price includes a signed copy of Lisa’s book (Your Career, Your Way!). For more information or to start your session today, contact Lisa.



Situational Career Coaching

MSj0422409_frustrated woman_152x152You are experiencing a difficult situation in your career and would like professional guidance on how to handle it. Lisa Quast offers individuals the opportunity to obtain career coaching to address a situational issue. Whether you’re dealing with a boss who doesn’t like you, a co-worker conflict, workplace harassment, burnout or fatigue, not getting a position you desire, a difficult subordinate, or just started a new job and want to jump start your performance in the position, Lisa will provide an expert perspective and strategic approach to resolving the situation or getting you started in your new job. Situational coaching also includes preparation for radio, television or other media interviews as well as preparation for important presentations – be they in front of investors, board of directors, at company-wide meetings or industry events.

Situational Career Coaching is paid for by the individual coachee and generally conducted via telephone (but can also be in-person). Situational telephone coaching is $175 for 60 minutes.  In-person situational coaching is $200/hour. To schedule a session with Lisa, simply use the Contact Us form.



Job-Seeker Coaching


You might also be just starting your career, looking for a career change, need to rewrite your resume, or want to shine in an interview. Lisa’s Job-Seeker Coaching service provides the specific direction and guidance that will help you put your best, most competitive foot forward. Lisa’s in-depth knowledge and strategic approach has helped her move from corporate America into consulting and then entrepreneurship with ease. Her easy-to-follow, step-by-step process teaches clients everything they need to do to find a new job or change careers and helps them master the job seeking basics, including: Finding your passion, evaluating jobs against your skills, developing your documents, polishing your personal brand, scoring an interview, preparing for interview success, how to ace the interview, and what to do after the interview is over.

Job-Seeker Coaching is paid for by the individual coachee and is $200/hour in-person and $175 for 60 minutes via telephone. Contact Lisa to discuss your needs or schedule an appointment.



Image Consulting

Your career is going great and you’re ready to excel, but there’s a catch. Your image says youthful and fun, while your desire is to become a manager. You obtained that coveted in-person interview, but aren’t sure what attire you should wear. Let Lisa guide you through an Image Consulting session and/or shopping experience that will leave you looking and feeling like your best professional self. Lisa will evaluate your situation and help you tailor your attire to meet your objectives, while retaining your unique style and personality. Lisa also works with stylists to evaluate your hair and make-up for a more polished look, and works with professional photographers to ensure you project the most appropriate image in all electronic media.

Image Consulting is typically a two- to four-hour engagement and paid for by the individual coachee. Shopping time may also be added. Contact Lisa to discuss your needs and pricing.