Creating A Personal Brand

July 12, 2013

“Think of yourself as a product…” has been an important mindset for achieving my own career success and advice I share often with my career coaching clients.

As any product manager will tell you, a significant part of developing a product is branding, which can often determine its success or failure. With the increased use of social media, many assume creating a personal brand is easy – just set up a Twitter account and start writing a blog! Unfortunately that’s a common misconception, and an approach that can do more harm than good to your personal brand.

One of my recent Forbes blog entries (and one of my most shared) entitled “Personal Branding 101” explores the biggest issue I see with many who try to create a personal brand – a lack of adequate research and strategizing. This article led to an exciting opportunity to share further and more detailed advice on the topic as a featured guest on Rob Fletcher’s radio show “America’s Next Great Trainer.”

My segment offered a great personal branding example, which could be applied to any profession. Take a listen, and get ready to launch your personal brand successfully!

~ Lisa Quast

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One response to “Creating A Personal Brand”

  1. Rob says:

    Again I would like to thank you Lisa for a very informative interview. Your passion, energy, leadership to help others succeed is refreshing and empowering.
    Rob Fletcher
    ANGT Radio Host 93.5FM WTBQ

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