There Really is an “I” in “Teamwork”!

March 17, 2010

CB101168“There really is an ‘I’ in the word ‘Team,'” proclaimed both Judith Glaser and Cindy Tortorici at an event I recently attended. Judith is the founder of the Creating WE Institute, a group who believes everyone is connected and that if people can shift to We-centric thinking, then we “can change the very nature of leadership, culture, brands, businesses and other organizations.”

Their recommendations for shifting to a We-centric culture can be found in their book, “42 Rules for Creating WE”. What are some of their rules and where does the “I” come into the word “team”??? Check out five of their 42 rules I’ve summarized below:

  • “There is an ‘I’ in team”: Don’t try to force teams to move together as groups. Recognize and celebrate diversity and realize there’s “a time for individual achievement and a time for convergence as a team.”
  • “Rules are meant to be broken”: The idea is that most of us were brought up being told we need to follow the rules. But in order to create breakthroughs, we should “create and nurture environments that foster rule breaking, not just rule following” by giving “people permission to take risks and make mistakes.” I couldn’t agree more! How often at work have you held back on implementing an idea because you were afraid of the backlash of failure?
  • “Walk in their shoes”: This rule talks to the fact that we often lead through our own lens of the world and through our own assumptions. It’s critically important that we strive to see situations from all viewpoints before taking action.
  • “Be consciously contagious”: Ever been around someone in a bad mood and pretty soon you find your mood turning negative also? That’s the rule here…be able to “monitor your emotions on a regular basis during the day” so you can choose positive emotions that will be contagious for others.
  • “Think and act ‘BIG WE,’ little me”: I’m not even going to try to paraphrase this one because what they’ve written is so good…it’s “not about denying yourself, your needs, or your individuality. It is about realizing that you are part of a whole that is greater than you.”

If people around the world would read this book and begin practicing the 42 rules I believe there really could be a change in the nature of leadership.

None of the 42 rules will surprise you, they are simple concepts almost everyone has heard about at some point in their lives. But the book does a great job of reminding us of the type of person we could each be if we applied the concepts and created a We-centric environment. Fantastic!

~ Lisa Quast


The Creating We Institute (2009). 42 Rules for Creating We. Cupertino, California: Superstar Press

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