Meet Kelley Lee Gin in the latest Career Woman, Inc. feature interview

March 3, 2010

kelley_lee_mainAs most of you already know, my passion in life is helping women achieve their dreams and teaching them how to be successful on their own terms. And I love to celebrate women who are not only successful in their careers, but who reach out and help other women achieve their dreams. That’s why in the latest Career Woman feature interview you’ll meet Kelly Lee Gin, who’s not only a young, successful entrepreneur; she’s a woman who is also dedicated to helping tween girls overcome key obstacles faced during youth.

Kelley is the founder of Picture Perfect Events, a full service event planning and design studio specializing in creating stylish, thoughtfully-designed weddings and social events. But she’s also recognized for her devotion to a cause near and dear to her heart, Make A Mark (MAM). Make a Mark is a campaign Kelly founded that strives to educate tween girls about body image and self-esteem, as well as help mothers build positive relationships with their daughters.

Make A Mark was derived when Kelley realized a lot of tween girls were struggling with their self-image. Make A Mark is a reflection of the life struggles and insecurities Kelley went through when she was a tween. Now, in addition to running her own business, Kelley leads a team of women who strive to instill positive values and self-worth in the girls of today – women of tomorrow.

While Kelley’s life is incredibly busy, she has done an incredible job identifying and prioritizing the most important aspects of her life. As you read her feature interview, you’ll find terrific tips on how you can do the same, such as surrounding yourself with the right people and learning to “be the best at a few things rather than spreading yourself too thin.”

Be sure to read the latest Career Woman, Inc. featured interview to celebrate and become inspired by Kelley’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to helping other women in her community.

~ Lisa Quast

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